Exciting Silver Salmon Fishing August through October

zzzzxxFamily Catchz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Aidan's fish
xxxxxxxxxxOpps, we hiked out with 12 fish and now there are 11. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEven at age 3 silvers can be caught
xxxxxSilver Salmon fishing at its best! We cannot wait until the silvers start running the rivers. They are a fisherman's dream, being aggressive for most lures, flies, or bait. When hooked get ready for a fight up and down the stream or river. They are acrobatic fighters flying out of the water time and time again trying to shake the hook free as they take line off your reel.
Josh and Kara
First cast and the fight was on!

August and September are the time to come to Alaska if you don't like crowds fishing around you. Most visitors leave when King salmon season ends. That happens to be when Alaskan beauty begins. All the berries are ripe and the fall colors start to set in. Mornings can be cool, but the afternoons can be downright hot by local standards. Snow doesn't usually come until October.

The girls

Gary H
Caught on 6 lb test line with a trout pole

Jumping Silver
When hooked get ready for a fight!


Greg and daughter
Captain Greg Brush, EZ Limit Guide Service
- providing professional fishing guide services for Alaska Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula, with his daughter holding an early morning silver samon catch


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