Halibut are plentiful, large and are probably the best all-round eating fish in the world. Most halibut caught average from 15 lbs. upward to 70 lbs. As you can see from the pictures, there are some big ones down there waiting for your hook. The world unofficial rod and reel halibut was caught just off Deep Creek, Alaska in September of 1987 by a 70 year old woman. The fish was estimated at 466 pounds. In 2002 ,from the same area, one was caught weighing 375 pounds. Every summer there are big ones caught. It is common to see 100 pound halibut caught in this area each day.


Our goal is for you to have a good time and catch fish. You will be fishing on a 26 to 32 foot vessel, specially set up to catch some fish. Six people maximum per vessel per Coast Guard regulations. Your skipper is U.S. Coast Guard licensed, insured and very experienced in boating safety and fishing.

The average Halibut charter runs 6 to 8 hours depending on the tide and weather. The limit for halibut is two fish. Fishing for halibut is probably the most active and enjoyable of the fisheries because you will catch halibut and other species of fish many times the minute your line reaches the bottom. You may catch and release halibut until you get the two you decide to keep.  Once a fish is brought into the boat, it goes onto your limit. 

While you are fishing you will witness two active volcanoes over 10,000 feet high, Mt. Iliamna and Mt. Redoubt, standing watch over Cook Inlet's clean waters and rich marine life. Often you will experience whales and other marine life within sight of the boat.

Dons Halibut

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A view of Cook Inlet where you will be fishing. Mt. Redoubt, which is active, is in the background.

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Your fishing day may begin with a cup of fresh roasted coffee from your kitchen at Stillwaters Chalets. Then about a 45 minute drive to Ninilchik where you will meet your charter and skipper. The boat is launched in the surf using the famous “Deep Creek Tractors” (quite a sight if you’ve never seen it). After that it is about a 45 minute boat ride to your fishing area. The skipper may stay in that spot for the whole fishing time. The type of fish being caught and the size will determine whether to move or not. Big fish are what all skippers are looking for. All fishing and safety equipment are provided. Boats are equiped with bathrooms. All you need is a fishing license, dress warm with rain gear and pack a lunch.

If your trip to Alaska is during August, fishing Resurrection Bay is where we would have you go. This is a different fishery where you can not only fish for halibut, but five silver salmon and more choices of bottom fish for that late in the summer.