Stillwaters Chalets Pet Policy


We do have a trail system to walk with your dog. Leaving the
entrance road the trail takes you through the Alaskan forest
overlooking Soldotna Creek before dropping in elevation to the
meadows below the Chalets.



As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of service to our guests, Stillwaters Chalets welcomes pets staying with their owners in suites designated pet-friendly.  Stillwaters Chalets charge a $25 per night per pet fee.  Most breeds are welcome if they are well-behaved.  Currently a veterinarian certificate is not required. 

We don’t have a problem with pets, but we do find there are those who have legitimate and sometimes life-threatening allergies to pet dander, and others who are frightened of animals, and especially of dogs, so we try to be as accommodating to those persons as possible.  In the interest of peaceful habitation with our other guests, please observe the following rules.

Please do not leave your pets alone in your suites unless they are in a kennel.  If you have requested housekeeping services, we ask you to take your animals with you during this time, or notify housekeeping if you leave them in a kennel.

Pets must be kept on a leash when on the property of Stillwaters unless they are on the wilderness trail and are voice trained.  We do not allow pets to bother other guests.  (Pet lovers don’t understand how terrifying it is to some people to have an unknown dog run up to them.  Please keep your pets with you at all times). 

We are in a wilderness setting so you don’t have to pick up every time you take your dog out.   However, we do have designated areas where your animals may be walked.  You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet should they make a mess in areas where other guests may walk.  A fee of up to $150 may be added to your account should you neglect to do so.




RESERVATIONS : Reservations can be made by:
xxxxxxe-mail: ""
xxxxx telephone: (907) 252-4991

For the dogs that love water, Soldotna Creek is a great place to dive, chase sticks, or just cool off.



Pet owners will be responsible for the repair or

replacement of articles stained or damaged by their


Pet owners will be responsible for any injuries to

Stillwaters employees or their guests caused by

their pets.

Pet owners who choose not to register their pets

and occupy non-pet-friendly guest suites will be

charged the pet fee plus a $500 cleaning/sanitizing

fee.  (Yes, it costs that much to have a professional

cleaner sanitize the entire suite so that our guests

with allergies can stay there).

At this time we have two suites that accommodate

pets, so if you desire to bring a pet, make your

reservations early, as these two suites fill up


Thankyou for your cooperation.

The Management at Stillwaters