World Class King Salmon Fishing Trip

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Some of our favorite fishing guides we have known for years with years of experience
xxxxxKing Salmon Fishing has many options. The lower Cook Inlet salt water fishery usually begins late May and Early June. This trip can be a fishing combination where you fish for King Salmon in the morning and Halibut in the afternoon all for the same price as one trip. In early June the King Salmon start running up the Kenai River. This isn't as large as the second run that comes in July, however many world record sized Kings are caught at this time.
xxxxxIf you are for the quiet, tranquil fishing experience with plenty of action then the Kasilof River is a good one during early June where only drift boat fishing is allowed. Red Salmon can also be caught during this time. Record Kings are not known for this river, but the fight of a King will be equal to that on the Kenai River.
xxxxxMost people arrive in Alaska to fish the second King Salmon run during middle to late July. If you don't mind the noise of boats and close neighbors and are after a record fish, then this time is for you. Keep in mind that record fish have come out of both the early and late runs.
xxxxxWhatever you decide, we have the experienced guides for the time you want to come. We can provide more information on any of these recommended guides. The guides we suggest are personal friends and ones that we have known for years.

The Kenai River not only has one of the Worlds largest native salmon returns, but is known for its wildlife and beauty. From the eagles to the moose grazing near the river banks you will enjoy your day of fishing.Upper River
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Eagles eating fish scraps are a common sight along the river.
Air View
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An air view of the lower Kenai River

King in Boat
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World Record
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